Collaboration Services

Collaborative Behavioural Training and Assessment
At BTTC, we believe that projects can achieve far better outcomes at lower cost through collaborative working. We assist our clients in the delivery of collaborative behaviour development programmes, including:

  • Induction courses to introduce collaborative working behaviours
  • Behavioural assessment of teams to identify any skills gaps
  • Training and development to address those gaps and embed the desired behaviours
  • Managing and delivering workshops to facilitate the everyday use of collaboration
  • Observing meetings and providing feedback to optimise the use of collaboration.

We have vast experience in undertaking collaborative behavioural assessments for client organisations and can apply that knowledge in the training and development of your teams in preparation for tender assessments and for the general benefit of your business as a whole.

Leadership Coaching
All of our directors have post graduate qualifications in Leadership Development and Coaching, and offer a bespoke one-to-one service to develop the leadership skills of your senior managers. Effective and institutional leadership can set your business apart from the competition by inspiring the highest performance from your teams, developing effective and lasting client relationships and vastly improving decision making and communications, both internally and externally.

Talent Development
The effective development of your talented staff is fundamental to the success of your company. We provide a one-to-one talent mentoring service on an individual basis to develop your top people further and to equip them fully for the demands of senior leadership and business management roles. This is a confidential service aimed at challenging, stretching and growing the individual, using our years of experience in senior leadership roles to improve performance whilst providing calm and informed support.

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