Our corporate and social responsibility


BTTC is committed to operating with corporate and social responsibility at the heart of what we do.

We have defined corporate and social responsibility as:

Voluntary measures strategically undertaken to reassure our employees, our customers, and the wider community that we can be trusted. They are measures which look after social and environmental interests without regulatory intervention.

We were founded on the principle that our industry can deliver projects ‘better through total collaboration’. We are committed to the local communities we serve in our locations around the globe, and we are proud of the difference we can make to these communities through our work on projects.

Our approach to corporate and social responsibility is built on four pillars: environmental responsibility, ethical approach, delivering social value, and equality, diversity and inclusion.


Social value:

Our people make individual contributions that add value to the communities we serve through applying their professional expertise.

We define social value as the ways in which we collaborate with the communities we serve to bring positive change to society, the economy and the environment. By positively contributing to social value initiatives, we have the potential to make massive impacts to the communities we serve.

Equality, diversity and inclusion:

We value, respect and care for our people who are proud ambassadors for our business and for the communities they serve.

We are committed to assuring that our inclusive teams reflect the communities we work within at all levels of our organisation and that they are treated equally.

Ethical approach:

We conduct business with integrity and respect.

By being a responsible and ethical company, we increase the trust that our employees, our customers and the communities we serve place in us.

Environmental responsibility:

We are committed to the future of our planet.

We will be carbon neutral by 2025, have Net Zero carbon emissions before 2050 and work only in markets which contribute to social value or carbon reduction.



Engaging with our employees to define our strategy and how we deliver it is key to us ensuring that we target our corporate and social responsibility initiatives to have maximum impact.

We engage with our employees to promote opportunities to support the delivery of our commitments and to educate on the benefits of corporate and social responsibility.


Many of our customers, both current and future, have corporate and social responsibility goals of their own.

We collaborate with them to understand the challenges they face, to achieve mutual goals and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in the field of corporate and social responsibility.


We engage with the communities we serve through industry forums and working groups to ensure we target our initiatives and efforts in areas most needed with the highest impact.

Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Report 2023

We are proud to present our Corporate and Social Responsibility Report for 2023. This report sets out the commitments we have made to our employees, our customers and the communities which we serve. It also describes the steps that we have taken and celebrates the successes that we have made.


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