Third Party Investment

With the increasing amount of private investment which is being sought to fund and finance national infrastructure, the need for effective management of that investment has never been more critical. The interface between the private sector investor and public sector regulated industries is crucial in unlocking potential market opportunities.

Our experience as leaders in a national regulated infrastructure company and in the private sector enables us to offer a unique service in the efficient management of private sector infrastructure investment. We understand fully the regulatory requirements, investment and governance processes which accompany infrastructure investment, and can guide you and your stakeholders smoothly through the various stages to ensure that your investment is applied as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. We offer:

  • Unrivalled market opportunity intelligence with the vision and capability to navigate regulatory barriers to investment.
  • Extensive experience of delivering regulated national infrastructure with the ability to identify and influence key decision makers.
  • Unique knowledge of client organisations’ requirements and processes.
  • The leadership required to deliver private sector investment efficiently, reducing waste whilst eradicating non value adding activities.
  • A service you can trust to deliver your requirements, reduce your risk and maximise your investment.
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